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Examples of uses of the spy pen which you would perhaps not thought that might interest you:
1 - To save one of your classes at school

Why not discreetly use your spy pen to record a classroom. You can use then when you get home to review or understand a passage that you missed during the course.

2 - To confirm the doubts you have about the fidelity of a spouse

You think your husband hiding something? Use your spy pen to clear all your doubts. Turn on the spy pen and leave it near the computer where it can not be seen, or under the couch or in the bedroom, where he speaks often on the phone.

3- As memo

If you're on the road, at work, in a situation where you can not take a pen and paper to write something important, your spy camera pen will be more useful! Remember an important phone number, title of a song heard on the radio, the list of your errands, or even something funny or interesting that you want to share with your family.

You can use your spy pen in many situations, and as long as you respect the private lives of others, you will respect the boundaries of what is good and evil, and thus you use your pen with discernment, your spy pen will become an indispensable item in your daily life.

Feel free to view the complete catalog of our spy pens, as well as all of our spy cameras on our site www.wiseupshop.com
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1. How good is the disguise? If, for example, a shirt, a blouse or a jacket with black buttons is the camouflage perfectly. As long as the clothing does not have to take grade, no one will notice a video surveillance. For mobile power supply requires a power bank whose size you have to consider, if one uses the shirt button camera. 2. Where can I use the camouflage? Basically wherever it is appropriate to wear a shirt or blouse or other clothing which is buttoned. That not be a business meeting as well as a normal working day in the office. 3. How good is the technology behind it? Vorneweg an example video. Once turned on draws the mini spy camera permanently video material in a high resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Many details can be seen in the test. Watch the video and the sound is recorded. For more information and current prices can be found at wiseupshop.com. Camouflaged outdoor camera with continuous recording / HD Spy Camera forthe outdoor area with motion detection, sound activation and timing / Outdoor Spycam with high battery life Outdoor camera in Aufputzdose 1. How good is the disguise? The camera lens is not to recognize the barcode concealed it optimally. All keypads are installed inside. The high battery life you have only rarely for servicing the spy camera, is thus avoided that someone noticed the CCTV. The biggest advantage is certainly that the mini camera can also be used in weather-protected area, so as of covered exterior walls. 2. Where can I use the camouflage? Wherever power distribution are not uncommon, therefore, above all in corporate buildings, offices and shops, the work is meaningful. The only model in the test can be carried out and outdoors use. 3. How good is the technology behind it? Very comfortable is the schedule programming on the PC, the video image is in HD. Motion detection saves so much energy that enormous standby time is possible. For more information and current prices can be found here.

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